Tarrytown Newsletter August 2016

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Tarrytown Newsletter August 2016


Here is an update on the Tarrytown real estate market through July 15th.

• The number of transactions remains lower than past years, down more than 12% from 2015 and more than 22% vs. 2014. Not pictured is the number of transactions in MLS in 2013 for the same time period – 99!
• Median list and sold prices are down vs. 2015, but this is at least partly explained by the smaller homes sold (the median is 2,564 sq ft in 2016, vs. 2635 sq ft in 2015), down almost 3%
• List and sold $ / sq ft (both average and median) show gains, although the median numbers show the gains are rather small. Sold price / sq ft is up a little over 1% vs. the same time in 2015
• Average days on market is consistent with 2015, but the median number of days on market is up significantly over 2015, increasing from 26 to 35 days (up nearly 35%)


Note on Active Listings
Active listings in 2016 have increased quite a bit and are well above the number of active listings in 2014 or 2015 at the same time of the year. At the same time, the price points have also increased and the mix of $1M+ listings is now 68% of active listings (the highest it has ever been).

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