Tarrytown Real Estate Market Update – August 2018

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Tarrytown Real Estate Market Update – August 2018

From time to time I compare home prices along the west side of Mopac, from the lake up to 183, divided up into 4 areas:

  • Tarrytown – Lake Austin Blvd to 35th St, Lake Austin to Mo-Pac
  • Highland Park West / Balcones Area – 35th to 2222, Mt. Bonnell Dr. to Mo-Pac
  • 1A South – 2222 to Spicewood Springs, 360 to Mo-Pac
  • 1A North – Spicewood Springs to 183, 360 to Mo-Pac

Here is an update on that analysis, with full year data for prior years and year-to-date (through August 15) data for 2018.

  1. The strongest 10-year price appreciation (since 2008, using $ / sq ft) has been in 1A “North” at ~57% (Tarrytown comes in around 39%)
  2. The relationship between 1A North and 1A South had been fairly consistent over the years, with 1A South ~7% premium to 1A North. That has compressed to be only 2-3% since 2016.
  3. Tarrytown sold price / sq ft has generally commanded, on average, ~27% premium over Highland Park West / Balcones Area since 2010. That premium is ~21% so far in 2018.


The below graph shows year on year appreciation in price / sq ft in each of the 4 areas described above.

If you want to make sense of what’s going on in the market, or would like a better understanding of what your own home is worth, please contact me and I’d be happy to help you.  You can also find additional analysis and updates to this article on treymcwhorter.com.


Note:  All data comes from the Austin Board of Realtors’ MLS report, reflecting activity through August 15, 2018.


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