Tarrytown Market Update – October Update

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Tarrytown Market Update – October Update

Happy October!  The real estate market in Austin overall continues to see price appreciation and growth in transactions, though the number of active listings is lower.  Below is a summary of Tarrytown metrics through the end of September 2019 compared to the same time period in prior years:


  • $ / sq ft is up, both average and median, over prior years
  • Median days on market of 32 days is higher than last year, but still indicative of a hot market
  • The homes sold are, on average, slightly smaller and older than the past couple of years, and that could be driving the lower median sales price
September active listings slight uptick consistent with prior years, but far fewer active listings compared to past Septembers.

As you can see, far fewer active listings in MLS. The market is hot and many listings never go into MLS. Work with an agent that knows the area and has insight into pocket / private listings (homes for sale but not listed in MLS), and connections with sellers that are planning to sell but are still getting ready. The right agent can get you a first look at many of those private and future listings.

If you are interested in more information about the real estate market in Tarrytown, Central Austin or Lake Austin, contact me and I can help!

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