Tarrytown Market Update – June 2021

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Tarrytown Market Update – June 2021

The latest metrics for Tarrytown real estate are below.  All of the observations from my June print article are still true: pricing is up, transactions are up relative to 2020 (though they now lag 2019 after a slower May driven by lack of inventory), and days on market still suggest a very hot seller’s market.

Graph 1: YTD Monthly Transactions in Tarrytown vs. Previous Years


Other comments:

  • As I post this, there are four active listing in MLS for the Tarrytown area. Everything else is under contract.  And the list prices for 3 of those are roughly 2M-5M, with the fourth priced at 825K.


  • There were 12 new listings in MLS in April, which is about 50% of the pre-COVID average for Tarrytown, typically closer to 24. And that would be remarkable except that in May there were only FOUR new listings, when there are typically 18+!  No wonder things are so competitive out there!



So as you think about your plans, keep in mind the continued inflow of luxury buyers into the Austin market and the limited inventory available.  These factors are likely to continue and be favorable for sellers.  If you’d like to learn more, or are curious what the market value of your home may be, please let me know and I would be happy to provide an assessment of your home and its potential market value.

You can also find additional analysis and updates to this article on treymcwhorter.com.


Note:  All data comes from the Austin Board of Realtors’ MLS report, reflecting activity through May 31, 2021.

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