Silicon Valley Record Real Estate + My Analysis

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Silicon Valley Record Real Estate + My Analysis

I saw a recent headline highlighting a new record real estate sale in Silicon Valley: a home recently sold for $2,358 / sq ft.  Originally listed for $1.45M, it sold in 2 days for $2M.  The price / sq ft is high because the home was only 848 sq ft, but the overall sale pricing is actually fairly representative of the area (which is still ~10 miles from downtown San Jose).  Very impressive.  If you wanted an overview of area pricing, here is a recent article that does a good job.

I thought I would take a look around and pull some metrics for Austin in the context of that article and specific sale:

First, if you want to live ~10 miles from downtown, what does pricing look like?  Just to give you a sense of where that takes you in relation to downtown Austin:

  • South of Slaughter Ln
  • East of the 130
  • North of Braker
  • West of Barton Creek Blvd

Note: to try and compare with the subject property in the article, I am doing my property search in a halo / band around Austin between 9-11 miles from downtown Austin.

Obviously pricing will vary depending on which direction you are going from downtown.  Generally, median list prices can be summarized this way:

Here is a link to active results.

Second, if you had $1.5 – $2M to spend on Austin real estate today, and wanted to be within ~10 miles of downtown Austin, what could you get?

Link here to the results.

A couple of observations:

  • The majority of those listings are in the Westlake and Barton Creek areas
  • There are no listings east of I-35 within 10 miles of downtown between $1.5 – $2M


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