Protesting Your Property Taxes in Austin, Texas

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Protesting Your Property Taxes in Austin, Texas

If you were alarmed at the increase in your home’s appraised value and concerned about your property taxes and intend to protest, the following tips, selected from “Fight Your Texas Tax Appraisal and Win”, co-authored by Gordon T Gorychka (GRI, CRB, Realtor Emeritus and MBA) could be helpful in developing a winning approach.


  • Don’t miss the filing deadline, but don’t file too early. Filing close to the deadline means your case will likely be reviewed later in the process, which can be helpful.


  • Request the “Evidence Packet” from CAD with your protest request, and also request the “Field Card” on the subject property. This will help you focus your argument on the information they have used to set your value.


  • Make an Open Records request two weeks before your meeting, which will provide you information about decisions on prior hearings in your tax neighborhood.


  • Develop information that may be unknown to CAD appraisers:
    • An error about the subject property (size, etc.)
    • Major condition change (flood, fire, etc.)
    • A new noise – major road, etc.
    • Non-MLS comparable sales


  • Use good comps:
    • Same street
    • Same subdivision (same “tax neighborhood”)
    • Similar size (+/-10% of living area)
    • Same # of stories
    • Similar age (+/-4-5 years)
    • Similar condition
    • Similar quality
    • Current Sold / Current for Sale


  • Be concise, focused and keep it simple. If you bring handouts, bring enough for everyone so people don’t have to share.


  • First impressions count… dress professionally and behave professionally


  • Do not talk about your inability to pay the taxes. You are protesting the value and that is the scope of the discussion.

If you need help finding comparable homes or want someone to test your argument on, I am happy to help you.  Send me an e-mail or give me a call!

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