Chilean Patagonia – Hacienda Pucheguin

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Chilean Patagonia – Hacienda Pucheguin

There were a couple of recent posts on the Christie’s website that I thought I would highlight because they are about an area of the world that is really special to me.  In 1995 I participated in the January Semester in Patagonia, 1995 (JSP295) with the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS).  I traveled to Santiago, Chile and then further south to Puerto Montt, and then even further south to Coihaique for an outdoor education course involving mountaineering and ocean-kayaking on a 75-day expedition.

Without going into extensive detail here I’ll just say that the people, culture and terrain I encountered during that time were fascinating and beautiful.  It was a life-changing experience in the most awe-inspiring, pristine and wild country I have ever been in.

NOLS Course – Chilean Patagonia

So when I saw this listing on the Christie’s website for “Hacienda Pucheguin”, I thought it would be great to post and make people aware of it.  Hopefully, there will be a buyer for this land that will appreciate how special and beautiful it is and find a way to conserve it for future generations to enjoy.  And if you are that buyer with a 9-figure budget and a sense of purpose and adventure, I’d be happy to give you a guided tour!

Hacienda Pucheguin

If you are considering traveling to the region, or thinking about a NOLS course, I’d be happy to share my experiences with you and point you to helpful resources.

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